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Haus of Gloi: Spider Silk


This is my first perfume review from an Indie company, so I hope you enjoy it. If you’re in the US or Canada, you can find quite a few indie companies if you dig around! I think it’d be a nice supplement to my usual reviews, since these will be shorter and more frequent. I think it also may be worth it for you guys to check out Indie companies while waiting for your Asian beauty goodies!
Today I’m reviewing Haus of Gloi’s Spider Silk. Haus of Gloi is an indie shop that offers various products such as pumpkin butter skin lotions (seriously try these..), whipped soaps, and perfumes. They are well-known for their gourmand scents, so be sure to try them out. Samples of perfume at Haus of Gloi are normally $2.50 and full-sized bottles are $12. I purchased this from someone on reddit.

Spider Silk is a Halloween-only scent, so unfortunately it’s not available right now. It should be out in the coming fall season, where I will be sure to scoop up a few full-sized bottles.

Procured from a dream: delicate water mint, wispy grey musk, crystalline webs of amber, oakmoss, torchwood, copaiba resin, and a touch of withered violet leaf.

In the bottle — hints of mint are the strongest, while something musky lurks in the background. It smells like something fresh and clean, but with a darker edge. I’m in love with this scent. It’s on the border of being unisex, but the sweetness makes it slightly more feminine. It reminds me of people smoking sheesha in the streets of Dubai – when I was 12, I was invited to go with a family friend. Though I didn’t go, the person came back later to have dinner with us – her clothes held this sweet, musky fragrance, as did her breath.

On my skin, it changes – the mint that was quite prevalent in the bottle fades away after a few minutes and the grey musk comes out, as well as hints of earth. This isn’t a sweet scent for a teacher helping her young students, this is a much darker, sensual scent. 

Spider Silk’s throw is not very large, and it lasts for a maximum of four hours on my wrist. I love this scent, and have been on the hunt for a larger bottle ever since I got my hands on it.

Have you tried any Haus of Gloi scents? What did you think?