Indie Review: Flawlessyou on Etsy – a must read for Indie lovers!

Even though this is my first post about Indie products, and it could have been dedicated to the amazing companies of the Indie world, I’d like to take a second and tell you exactly what you shouldn’t expect from a small business by giving you a real-life example.

Just so I can get this out there, this is not my experience, just my version as a third-party member, watching the events unfold on reddit. If you wanna buy from FlawlessYou on Etsy (or Flawless You), go ahead. I, however, will not.

The Etsy conversations were directly provided by the buyer, who put the pictures on imgur. The black and white pictures of reddit were my own.
Everything started with this post…
If you’d like to read the rest, it can be found here!
… where the buyer expressed discontent with the store. This kind of thing is encouraged, as people want to know the highs and lows of every business. Too long of a shipping time? Buyer drew you a yeti (no, seriously…) on your invoice? They wanna know.
So the buyer leaves a detailed review, explaining why she is rating the seller 2 stars. If you’re not into reading the whole thing, that’s okay too – I’ll give you a cheat sheet.
  • Buyer (let’s call her D) purchases from Etsy shop Flawlessyou on 11/18. 
  • Flawlessyou owner creates shipping label same day. Never updates.
  • D leaves a review telling her side of the story. In this review, she states:
    • Quality of product can’t be commented on, as it was a gift.
    • Order was RECEIVED 12/16
    • D had to follow up with seller.
      • 11/18 – Flawlessyou owner makes shipping label.
      • 11/30 – D asks about status.
      • 12/1 – Flawlessyou owner says she will look into package and get back to D before 12/3.
      • 12/3 – No follow-up message.
      • 12/5 – D sends another message, Flawlessyou owner replies, saying that the package didn’t move through postal system (lost?) so owner would remake/repackage products and send them out. 
      • 12/11 – D asks about tracking number status on new shipment.
      • 12/12 – USPS scans package in.
    • All in all, D leaves a 2-star review.
      • One star subtracted – length of time it took to receive order.
      • One star subtracted – Needing to follow up with owner.
      • One star subtracted – D took one off because it seemed that the owner was blaming USPS for processing order errors rather than owning up to it.
Now, since there were two items that D purchased, they count for two reviews. D therefore left two 2-star reviews.
The owner responded, saying:

Another person that expects a small Etsy store to run like a huge department chain. I mailed her order originally but as I told her, multiple times, the post office lost/did not process about 10 orders that I dropped in one batch. I don’t know why but I kept this buyer up to date on everything, I even offered a full refund but as has been the case with a few others, this buyer preferred to play Scrooge than communicate to me. She preferred to leave a bad feedback, than tell me she wanted a refund. People like this are really starting to get to me emotionally. I make my products and I manage my store from my heart…it’s a passion not a business and whenever I get one of these “wonderful” people that would rather be hurtful instead of getting the issue corrected…it makes me cry.

It doesn’t take a Bachelor’s in Psychology to realize that the owner of Flawlessyou is dodging responsibility. Nowhere in that statement could it possibly be her fault, so instead, she begins to attack the customer. We would hope that this is where everything ended, but then there would be no point to this analysis.

So then D gets a message on Etsy.




And the best part of this is that you’d THINK it ends here. Not at all.

Flawlessyou’s owner finds the subreddit AND the ‘brand experiences’ board (basically a place where people can list out their experiences with companies). D made a forum to talk about Flawlessyou and the owner went on and apparently rebutted everything D said. (Now I don’t want to get in trouble, so I’m not going to say it for sure 100% absolutely was the owner. I will, however, note similarities of syntax, speech, and use of ellipses, so you can draw your own conclusions.) Not only that, but allegedly, the owner then went on that subreddit and directly started replying to comments that were downvoted. Here’s a glimpse of what was written; most of the comments went against the rules of the subreddit, so they were deleted. They still show up in the user profile, so I’ll write the deleted remarks in the captioned part.

“First of all, you all are calling me a nut job when it’s this lady who has gone out of her way to harm me…so I was right about her. She has some type of GOD complex or something and has no respect for the feelings of others.


Secondly, interactions…you can delete different parts of it so she can pretty much list any interaction that is convenient for her argument.


Thirdly, I have had the postal system mess with my orders so many times, that I save my labels in batches on my hard drive by dates. That way even if it is past the two weeks period…heck, I have international orders that I’ve had to resend after a month…I can still go back and if the label has not gone through the postal system…as was the case with this “wonderful” lady, I can reprint it and use the same label again.


Fourth, the ingredients for all my products are on my website which I happily give to anyone that wants the ingredients before, during or after a purchase.Lastly, the only reason I contacted this PERSON after she left her review was because in the review she stated that she was going to come back to my store and order more product…I’m sorry….but she has some nerve.


You bash a store and then your going to come back and order more products from it…I don’t need that kind of client and I wanted to make sure if she thinks she had the cojones big enough to do that, I was not going to tolerate that kind of disrespect of my store.


Listen…you all have jumped to conclusions based on what a real nut job went out of her way to do…she not only left bad feedback without trying the products…she continued her bad feedback from one review to the other PLUS she then takes additional time to post this rant.Thank you for your time and may you all have a Happy Holiday!”

“You are crazy aren’t you? You bash me and I’m going to apologize plus give you the opportunity to bash me again…nah…my father didn’t raise no puss. If you would have contacted me before you left the reviews we could have worked something out but you are insane if you think I’m going to invite you back to my store after you’ve been an all out witch!”

If it makes you feel any better, the writer of the above posts then went and complained about how mods suck and how they take sides in a different subreddit. The pity party was soon derailed by a bystander.


What can we take from this?

All small businesses aren’t equal. I’ve had stellar experiences where I want to purchase just because I look forward to the customer service (and the samples!) and I hope to never have an experience like this.

Before the new year, I’ll post an Intro to Indies, and what you can expect when browsing/purchasing from them – definitely NOT this though!

Even if this is a bit off-topic from the usual things I post, this is a good place to start, and I hope you’re excited to learn with me about happier, prettier, sparkly, smelly, gourmand-y, soapy, goodies!

Let me know what you think about this incident – do you think Flawlessyou was justified? Would you buy from them? Would you still want to try indies?




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