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[Review] Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black

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Hey everyone! I’m really excited – this is my first Japanese product! This is Dolly Wink’s Liquid Eyeliner in the color Deep Black.
The creator of the brand, Tsubasa Masuwaka, used to model for Popteen (a HUGE Japanese magazine) – she is a huge part of the ‘Gyaru’ scene, which literally translates to gal in English. According to Tsubasa, “the whole idea of the gyaru look is to look like a doll”.
tsubasa gyaru
Perfect skin, huge lashes, definitely doll-like!


I was looking for a new eyeliner because my Tony Moly one had dried out, and nothing could bring it back to life again. I had wanted to try a Western brand, but after seeing Marzia from Youtube use this pen and draw her signature cat eyes, I thought I’d give it a shot as well.  Note that she has labelled it Dolly Cat instead of Dolly Wink but they look the same. This product appears around 2:59.



Sasa describes this product as such:

Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)

    • Containing honey essence with moisturizing effect.


    • An extra-fine tipped brush that delivers a exact, definite, even stroke when lining the eyes. 
    • Deep black color creates strong contour on eyes.
    • Water resistance formula and easy wash off formula, long lasting, easy to be removed by warm water.


The product comes in a pink tube with purple flowers and a black cap. In the case of the brown eyeliner, it is a blue tube with gold flowers and a brown cap. The product is about the size of a pen or pencil, and if you shake it, something moves inside (reminiscent of a spray paint can).


It has a brush-like tip, which was surprising as I thought it would be a sponge or felt – it makes me feel like the product was made with better material. The tip is very small, which is great for tiny additions and layering. It’s a blessing when you want your cat eye to be just right. 


The brush is also pretty flexible, and has the ability to go 60 or 70 degrees from the point of contact without screwing up the product distribution.



These are swatches of Dolly Wink’s liner, used in different ways.
1. The first is using just the tip of the liner, brushing it along my arm. One stroke, no primer.
2. The second is using the base and tilting the liner in such a way that the base makes approximately a 10-15° angle with my forearm. This leads to a thicker line. One stroke, no primer.
3. This is step 2 with two strokes used and no primer. It is noticeably thicker and darker, indicating that the eyeliner is buildable. It does come out as a harsh black on the first stroke rather than a watery gray or a warm black.


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One thing I will note is that the product doesn’t leave clean lines. I had to go over the lines a lot, and take a brush dipped in make up remover just to clean up the edges. 


Top: Right after application
Bottom: 4 hours after application
I put it to the test by wearing it to class. Mind you, in Florida, the heat is still unbearable. This eyeliner had to deal with my sweat and oily lids. 
As you can see, the liner became visibly duller, and the edges aren’t so sharp anymore.
When removing this product, it comes off easily with oil or any type of soapy cleanser. That’s a relief!
Smell: None or very light.
Appearance: Black liquid.
Texture: Not too watery, not too dry. Just right.
Value: I purchased this for $11.70 from Ebay. It came in 2 days!
– Easy to apply
– Small, easy to transport
– Brush tip
– Good product consistency
– Easy to wash off
– Different styles possible due to brush shape
– Dries quickly
– Hard to find in the US
– Hard to reapply
– Product is rather small
– Doesn’t leave clean lines
OVERALL RATING: / 4 out of 10
I really wanted to like this product. I have been looking for another liner since the Tony Moly one dried out on me. I’ve heard great things about Western brands, but I still wanted to see for myself if Dolly Wink would work.
When I first started using it, it worked fine, and this is INCLUDING all of the flaws I posted above. I could live with that. About two weeks after I opened it, I noticed a few more problems. For starters, the tip started drying out on me. I wiped out the brush head with a warm wet paper towel, but that didn’t stop it from drying up the next day. In addition to that, the eyeliner began to look flaky on my skin.
For a product to cost that price and not work with the same consistency for a month.. that’s disappointing and makes me feel like it was a waste of money. It didn’t leave me with a great feeling using it. When it’s done, I’ll probably keep the pen – I read on Make Up Alley that someone uses it to apply their gel liner, which is an excellent idea.
Where to Buy Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black?


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What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments! 
PS: I have made it a goal to do 5 reviews a month at the minimum. So I hope you’re all excited for October!
See ya, guys!