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[UNBOXING] Memebox #14 – Zero Cosmetics


Hello again, guys!
I am SO freakin’ excited for this Memebox, because it’s my first one! I’ve always seen people posting about them, and I wanted to try one for the longest time.
I have to admit, I had no idea what the hell I was ordering. I kind of thought it could go either way, with me getting 0 cosmetics in my box (which I was cool with) or 0 cosmetics with parabens. I didn’t know if that was even possible. But I figured everyone has that one weird box, right? This might as well be mine.
In case you didn’t know, Memebox is a Korean beauty box company. They have a ton of boxes that are centered around certain things (for example, Disney Princess Rapunzel, Princess Snow White, Skin Care, Teeth, Milk Box, Red Box.. get the picture?) The costs vary, but they have coupons every now and then that you can use. The cool thing is that you’ll never know what you’ll find inside of your box – it really is a surprise!
This box is currently sold out, but it is found here and retailed for $23, with $6.99 for shipping. I, however, didn’t pay a cent out of pocket. How?
I signed up for a Memebox account under their “Get 10 points when you sign up!” promotion (side note, each point = $1). Then, I emailed Memebox telling them I heard about it from another blogger, which gave me 5 points. This is cool, because you benefit, the blogger benefits.. it’s a win-win. On TOP of that, I used a $15 off coupon from Memebox, applicable to your first Meme purchase.
The sweet sweet sound of savings.
Forget about all that though – let’s take a look at the box!

The box’s description, as stated on the website, is as follows:

Zero alcohol, zero parabens, zero DEA and zero Formaldehyde, this is the ultimate zero chemical Zero Cosmetics Box!
We did some studying to create this zero chemical, zero additives, Zero Cosmetics Box! We wanted to provide you with the most natural and chemical free head to toe care so that you don’t have to put any more unnecessary additives and harsh ingredients that will cause irritation! We’ve loaded up this box with only the most gentle and natural products so that you can maintain your natural beauty.
There were 6 products in this box:
Innerface Shy Blossom Soothing Serum
Innerface Shy Blossom Soothing Serum (50 mL)
This is one of the full-sized products.
Aloe vera and lavender oil from the serum works to instantly soothe irritated or sensitive skin and the hyaluronic acid and the sacha inchi oil rich in omega 3.6.9 deliver intense hydration by creating a protective moisture layer that locks in moisture within the skin. The Soothing Serum is packed with herbal formula blended by New Zealand herbalists and includes chamomile water, tea tree water, sweet almond, evening primrose, olive, lavender, etc.
How to use:
After toner application, pump out the serum 2~3 times and apply it gently all over your face. Pat it onto the face for full absorbance.
I had a bit of trouble finding them on Google, or finding other reviews, but for reference, their website is linked here. The bottle is a green glass with a black dispenser. It is a milky serum that rubs in quite easily, and smells strongly of lavender, with herbal undertones. I’m excited to use this in the future.


EasyDew Sunblock

Active Ingredients: Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate 7.5%, Titanium Dioxide 4.25%, Ethylhexyl Salicylate 2%, Octocrylene 2%

Easydew Fresh Mild Sun Block SPF50+ PA+++ 7 mL
This gentle, ultralight and greaseless Sun Block provides high level of protection against UV rays, maintains the skin nice and moist, and strengthens the skin’s innate ability to protect itself all at the same time!
How to use:
Pump out 1~2 times and apply it evenly all over your face at the first stage of make up application. It’s recommended to be re-applied every 3 hours for utmost UV protection.
It faintly smells like Estee Lauder perfume, but I don’t mind it. It goes on with a slight white cast. It also leaves your skin with a bit of a shine, so I’m still searching for the perfect one. This is both a chemical and physical sunscreen.
Saeaneul Eye and Nourishing Cream
This was the other full size product in the box.
Nature’s Friend SaeHaneul Eye & Nourishing Cream 40g
Nature’s Friend takes great pride in their gentle, non-toxic formula which does not include any paraben, ethanol, mineral oil, silicon, artificial fragrance and artificial coloring. Instead, the popular Eye and Nourishing Cream is enriched with 10 different organic plant extracts for delivering deep nourishment and facilitating skin regeneration to treat signs of fine line and wrinkles along your eye contours.
How to use:
After toner application, apply the cream along your eye contours or even on other areas of your face with evident wrinkles and fine lines.
I needed a good eye cream. I tried finding ingredients for this product as well as the serum (couldn’t find anything there) – all I really got was a list of extracts. I’ll link it right here for you all!
Papa recipe Bombee Soap 100g
No paraben. No phenoxyethanol. No triethanolamine. No mineral oils. No artificial coloring. The Bombee soap is a handmade soap made from propolis, honey extracts, jojoba oil, and citron seed oil. Its gentle and nature-derived formula helps soothe red, irritated skin and deeply moisturize dry, sensitive skin.
How to use:
Lather the Bombee Soap with your hands and massage the foam onto your face. Rinse off with warm water.

It smells so good, like honey and sugar. I might use this for my whole body, because it smells like a sweet treat!

All Nature Organic Mask Sheet 25 mL x 4 ea
All nature bringsfour super foods – black bean, broccoli, blueberry, and huttuynia cordat – to the beauty scene with this four mask sheets consisting of more than 50% of organic extracts from these super foods. Replenish and renew what Mother Nature has to offer!
How to use:
After cleansing, place the sheet mask over your face and rest for 10~20 minutes. Remove the sheet and pat in the remaining mask essence onto your skin.

I had no idea what huttuynia cordat was, so I Googled it. It translates to “fishy-smelling herb” in Chinese, but in English, it has a bunch of names – Bishop’s weed, chameleon plant, heartleaf, fishwort, and more. It’s actually kind of amazing – it was used to treat pneumonia, and is also used to treat SARS. In Japan, it’s used as a detoxification method. In gardens, it’s an invasive weed that can be hard to get rid of. I guess it only makes sense that you put it on your face instead of letting it go to waste, right? 🙂

Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream

I was so pissed when I saw this. It’s like Benton has the last laugh, after I stated that I would NEVER talk about them again. This is the Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream, and taking a line from Forrest Gump, “that’s all I have to say about that”.

This box was pretty cool for my first Memebox. My personal favorites were the soap and the serum. The sheet masks were cool, the eye cream smells waxy but I’d have to try it out more to get an opinion, and the you-know-what was given to my mom. Immediately.
Just as a side note, I looked at what others wrote about their boxes after I was done writing, and I came upon someone grossed out by the Snail and Bee Venom part. They wouldn’t even try it (never mind that it’s from Benton) and they said they’d promptly give it to someone else because it was gross.
end rant.
What about you? What do you think about Memebox? What were your favorite products? Let me know in the comments!

The Last of Benton

Disclaimer: This post has language that isn’t meant for children under the age of 15. Please click the red x in the top right corner if you do not meet that age requirement. You have been warned. Thank you.

Hi everyone.

I hate making this post, but I’ve been pretty quiet concerning Benton since my last update, but some serious shit has hit the fan.

Most of you may know me from the Asian Beauty sub-reddit (feel free to say hi!), where I’m a frequent contributor to threads and have formed some pretty awesome relationships with bloggers and posters galore. It’s an awesome feeling when you can bond with people continents away over Asian Beauty and other things.

But there’s a downside – it’s the internet, and your personal information is always up for grabs and can be exploited.

Long story short, Sample Hime, a popular Asian skincare/makeup reviewer, was doxxed. 

The definition of doxxing is:

is an abbreviation of document tracing, the Internet-based practice of researching and publishing personally identifiable information about an individual.[1][2][3][4] The methods employed in pursuit of this information range from searching publicly available databases and social media websites like Facebook, to hacking, and social engineering. It is closely related to cyber-vigilantismhacktivism, and cyber-bullying.

-cited from Wikipedia

I didn’t actually see the information, so my credibility is knocked there; I do however have the aftermath. The user was ‘/u/Bentonceo’, and the comment was deleted by the moderator of Asian Beauty and the user’s account was deleted by reddit administrators. Sample Hime has contacted Benton, and they have admitted some sort of lapse in their security – she can explain that if she chooses to.

As a person sitting behind a computer typing this to you now, I am frightened. I am a student. I blog about products for fun, to help both the palest and the darkest,and to share my experience with you all. Is this the punishment we get for telling the truth and sharing our experience? Do CEOs of companies look at bloggers and say, ‘Wow, they’re trying to discredit my business! Let’s put them on blast!’

Because we aren’t. We do this for you. I do this for you. I use my face as a testing grounds so you don’t have to – I share what works for me so you don’t have to waste YOUR money and YOUR time and ruin your precious skin. I have issues with certain companies (not in the AB community); I refuse to buy from them knowing their customer service is crap. Does this mean you should do the same? No. We have different skin and differing opinions on what constitutes bad customer service. If I have an incident related to my blog, one that I wish to share with you, I will. I have opinions formed but have not bought from these companies yet, and may not in the future.

How the hell is this okay? Why is it that as bloggers, we’re getting the proverbial KO to both our credibility and our online life because we tell the truth? What sense does that even make?! Her personal information, including PAYPAL EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER, AND HER CURRENT ADDRESS, were once available to any passerby on the internet. This is so many levels of wrong.

I know that Benton’s contaminated essence has been the main cause of my skin’s irritation. My diet has remained the same, and I have not gone on any new medications or been taken off of them. Because this is MY skin and MY face, I am making the choice not to use Benton’s products anymore. I do admit that before the possible contamination, the products worked well. I am not willing to try their products in the future. This is my personal decision. In NO way am I saying you need to do the same, so please – as a blogger, I ask you do research in places other than this post to make a well informed decision.

I asked the company for $15 in terms of medical assistance, because I was so desperate I purchased benzoyl peroxide, which didn’t work. I’m currently on a Paula’s Choice ‘diet’ of sorts, using the BHA to prevent acne and the AHA to lighten my skin, but months later, my skin still looks like shit, and has cost me about $50 as of the last MONTH, which I doubt will be put back in my pocket.

This is my face from the second review I ever did, the Tony Moly Green Appletox.

This is my face as of today. The quality is not up to par, but I don’t have access to my camera currently.

My face is still messed up – yeah, the dark marks are getting lighter, which is great, but the texture of my skin is horrible – the splotches are embarrassing and part of me regrets even writing about Asian Beauty products because if this is what I get, along with the threat of having my personal information spread on the internet… is it worth it?

And I realize it is. The truth is always more important. If it helps people, then it’s necessary.

I will continue blogging, I will continue sharing my opinion, and I will continue to tell the truth. Like I always have. Like I always will.