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Good news from Laneige!

Hi there everyone!

If you read my review of the Laneige BB Cushion in Dark (linked here), this is a little update to that with some awesome news!

A few weeks ago, I decided to ask Laneige on Facebook if they could potentially send me a sample of their Medium Shaded BB Cushion. I really wanted the liquid, as I was going to do a little science and mix it with the Dark BB Cushion I owned. 

Laneige’s team was SUPER awesome – they sent me two samples of Laneige’s BB cushions – all shades! It even came with a mini puff and everything!

Light was (obviously) too light.

Medium was pretty light as well.

Dark went as expected.

All three shades.
My face with only medium applied.

I tried mixing the two shades together by patting it on top of my skin, and my skin looked awesome. Sucks that I’d have to buy two foundations and mix them though, right?

Love it so so much! This is a mixture of Medium and Dark.


Here’s the great news though – I hope you’re ready for it!

I also emailed Amore Pacific, the company that owns Laneige, telling them about what I was looking for. This is what they sent me back:

Hi Rachel,

According to the Laneige team, they do not sell the BB cushion liquid foundation separately. You may use the BB cushion in medium and dark for contouring. Laneige is developing a new shade that is between medium and dark. They do not have the launch date yet but please stay tuned!
Fans of Laneige rejoice! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to try the new shades! This is awesome news for ladies and gents in the middle of the three colors!
Three thoughts to sum this post up:
1. Thank you Laneige for being so awesome and helping me/sending me samples!
2. New shades of Laneige’s BB cream are coming out – hopefully this means more ‘in-between’ shades and more on the lighter and darker ends of the spectrum.
Is there a product you’d like to have a wider range? What did you think of the Laneige BB Cushion? Let me know in the comments!

[REVIEW] Laneige BB Cushion in Dark

The lowest price on Amazon: $32.99 for 1 item | Buy Now

Hi everyone! I love being able to do reviews regularly again – it’s really nice! It’s also pretty sweet getting off of a no-buy for the month of July (although I cheated a little and ordered this towards the end of the month… it got here in July and that’s what matters!). I was so excited to finally try Laneige’s BB cushion and their sleeping pack, so when I saw it on, I had to buy it. It’s great too, because it comes with a refillable BB cushion!
In french, La Neige means snow, and I feel like the company takes inspiration from winter when they design their packaging. The product comes in a crisp, minimalist white box, with details such as ingredients pictured on the sides and top. I purchased this from Target for $34 on the 28th of June and received it the 8th of July.
This particular product comes in three shades – Light, Medium, and Dark. There isn’t much wiggle room, sadly. I wish they made more shades – even two more, like light-medium or medium-dark would have been wonderful!
Details on the box.
Ingredients List
The front, the back, and the inside of the compact – puff removed.
This is seriously some of the most beautiful packaging I’ve ever seen. It’s so chic and clean – I love it! It’s pretty light and has a clasp, so you can rest assured it won’t fling product all around your purse. There is a mirror in there as well that you can use for touch ups.
Clam-like compact, puff inside.
The back of the puff.
The puff is pretty interesting – on one side it’s white with a little band, so you can slip your fingers inside and pat it on your face. I personally wish they had an elastic fabric that was sewn in the middle so there would be a perfect space for 2 fingers and no slipping, but I think that would have made the product look cheap. The other side of the puff is interesting because it doesn’t soak up product! The product just sits on the puff and then gets deposited onto your face when you pat it on. It’s really cool.
The BB Cushion!
The great thing about the BB cushion is that it suspends the product in the ‘pores’ and it only comes out once pressure is applied. It doesn’t give me a soggy or saturated feeling when I touch it – just the right amount of product comes out, which I’m thrilled about.
The puff with product. As you can see, nothing gets absorbed.
Using two fingers, I pat this onto my face. At first, it seemed a little weird and I thought I was doing it wrong.. but because it was night time it was hard to see product being applied. When I tried it the next morning, I actually gasped at what it did. I’m head over heels for this product. I have NEVER had dewy skin with a foundation before, and this gives me that airbrushed look. If I am Romeo, then this product is my Juliet…
 … and we all know how that story ended. So while this product is a dream come true for me, it’s too dark. That’s kind of surprising, considering my shade (NC 44) is on the darker end of the spectrum. I originally wore it at night, and then tried it on in broad daylight. It was just too unnatural and gave my skin a “Jersey Shore” kind of look. I looked like I had been locked in a tanning bed. Still, I had to test it out.
I tried wearing it around the house. I tried wearing it outside. I sent my friends pictures asking which side of my face looked more natural and better, and they said they preferred my bare skin. I even compared it to Missha # 31 and they preferred Missha, which is a bit too light for me. One of my friends remarked that I looked like I had gone to the beach and fell asleep.
The dotted area is where the Laneige was removed with make up remover to highlight the difference. It does a decent job of hiding the PIH I got from Benton.
This kind of sucks, because it’s the peak of summer where I live, and since I’m always wearing sunscreen, I doubt my skin will get any darker than this.
Smell: Nothing too noticeable, I think hypersensitive noses will be okay.
Appearance: Light fluid suspended in a porous network of the BB cushion.
Texture: Light, smooth, easy to apply.
Value: $34 at Target
$32.99 at Amazon
Easy to apply
– Comes with mirror
– Purchase includes refill
– Requires a small amount to be patted on
– Skin visibly glows
– Light, wonderful coverage
– Skin appears dewy
– Easy to wash off
– Has an SPF of 50+
– Limited range of shades
– Unsanitary to use the puff
OVERALL RATING: / 9.5 out of 10
This would be a Holy Grail item for me if it actually matched my face. To be honest, it makes me want to go to the MAC counter and get checked for my shade again, especially since I’ve been reading other bloggers say that Dark is made for NC 40+.
I love this product, regardless of the fact that it doesn’t match. It hides my flaws and makes my skin look so healthy and moisturized. It goes on light, yet still provides a lot of coverage, so if you suffer from PIH or redness, you’re still safe.
I think using the pad is unsanitary, though. Applying it to your face (which is teeming with bacteria) and then touching the BB cushion just makes me a little wary, because it screams ‘bad idea’. Sample Hime covered this better, so I won’t get into it, but if acne is something you’re worried about, then I’d take extra measures – maybe spray something antibacterial onto the pad, let it dry, and then put it back into the case. Another crappy thing is that only three shades are available. It sucks, and I’m debating if mixing the medium and dark would work, although I’m not sure how that would turn out.
Would I Buy This Again?
This is a wonderful product. If your local Target has a section with Laneige (you can check online here and click ‘find in a store’) then I’d say swatch it out first. If you’re like me, and your Targets aren’t carrying it, they have an excellent return policy after 90 days. I already called their corporate customer service line and spoke to a representative about exchanging it even though it is used – they said they understand and the woman on the phone even agreed with me.
I’m not sure what I’d do with this one since it doesn’t work. Chances are I’ll exchange it and try a medium, though I already have a feeling it’ll be way too light. I don’t think I’ll repurchase this, although I gladly would if this was my shade.
Where to Buy Laneige BB Cushion in Dark?


I could find the lowest price ($32.99 for 1 item) on Amazon.


►►►►► Buy with Amazon ◄◄◄◄◄


Did this product work for you? Let me know what you think!
Update is found HERE – I tried the Medium Shade, and found out some great news from Laneige!