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[REVIEW] My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask

The lowest price on Amazon: $17.59 for 1 item | Buy Now

*A sample of this product was sent to me for reviewing purposes but I purchased the entire box with my own money. The opinions expressed are genuine.
Hello hello, lovely readers! 🙂 I have missed writing so much – I kind of fell out of the habit due to final exams, but I’ve got everything sorted out now and I can’t wait!
I’ve also got a bit of exciting news – I am almost at 10,000 views! That blows my mind, because six months ago, I could never have dreamed of this. I’m so thankful for the opportunities and friendships that this blog has created, and so I want to thank you as well – if it wasn’t for you readers, this wouldn’t be possible.
The product I’m reviewing today is My Beauty Diary’s Strawberry Yogurt Mask. I fell in love with a sample that I was given (I’m actually wearing one while typing this up!), so I HAD to buy the whole box. I bought this on Amazon for $17.59, and I’ve gone through about 6 out of the 10 so far.
Here’s what it promises:
“My Beauty Diary’s Strawberry Yogurt Mask II natural strawberry essence contains rich amounts of fruit acids, minerals, and enzymes, which cleanse and moisturize the skin. Combined with the active lactic acid ingredients found in yogurt essence it can help to balance the oil composition of the skin and help shrink the skin pores to improve the texture of the skin and remove any excess oily shine. Strawberries and yogurt are a perfect combination, but when arbutin extracts are added, the mixture restores moisture and luster to damaged skin, returning it to a beautiful and healthy condition again. This mask increases the moisture and softness of the skin. Mallow extracts combined with the blink lock water efficiency element-y PGA standard poly acid form a layer of moisture on the skin, keeping skin moist, lustrous, fresh and bright. Just like the sweetness of the strawberry and the smoothness of yogurt, every of your skin will be beautifully transformed.”
I was really excited to try this product because my skin had been acting up; it was extremely dry but I was still experiencing breakouts and hyper-pigmentation.
I first cleansed my face using a Clarisonic brush and Purity. I used Etude House’s Wonder Pore Toner, and then let it dry, and proceeded to use the mask.
The ten masks in a box are sealed in individual packets. Inside, you have a mask neatly folded and soaked with liquid, practically dripping. Once the mask is removed and unfolded, there is a plastic side (to help the mask from sticking to itself) and the mask itself. With some care, the mask was easily placed on my face.
The mask has an absolutely delicious scent – it smells just like strawberry yogurt! It definitely made me crave some while I was waiting to take the mask off. It’s a very light, sweet scent.
Unfolding! You can see the serum on the inside of the packet, as well as the plastic part of the mask. There’s so much serum.
The mask is finally on!
The mask is really easy to put on. One thing I noticed was how sticky the serum is, but that wasn’t really a big deal for me. I waited for about 45 minutes, mostly watching an anime a friend referred me to (Soul Eater, for anyone interested). One stupid thing I noticed is that the mask is a good gravity check. Realize that you have a sopping wet mask on your face, and if you’re sitting upright, the liquid will concentrate around the lower portion of the mask. I just took my fingers and swiped as much as I could back to the top.
After about 45 minutes, I took the mask off. The mask was still pretty moist, but it wasn’t as wet as when it first went on.
Right after taking off the mask! Sorry for the deer-in-the-headlights look.
My face, after the mask was applied, was noticeably more moisturized and bright – any redness that I had from acne was diminished, so that was a positive point.
Still, I had a lot of serum left over from the mask. I took the mask and crumpled it up, letting what was left just drip onto my face. I’ve heard of some people putting the mask away and reusing it, but that didn’t sound sanitary to me. Even if I washed my face before putting the mask on (which I did), there would still be some organisms present which would multiply. After being transferred to a mask, and sitting there for who knows how long just reproducing, I’d eventually be putting all the newly divided bacteria onto my face – ick. 
I’m super attractive, this is my Blue Steel look.
Okay, so maybe it makes you look like a wet cat.
Regardless, I waited until it was evaporated, and then applied an essence, moisturizer, and sleeping pack.
The next morning!
After waking up the next morning, I rinsed my face. I could feel a thin layer of the serum coming off as well. Without even looking at my face, I can say that my cheeks felt moisturized, any acne was soothed and/or minimal, and my skin was definitely brighter. My skin normally has a ‘glow’ of sorts for two to three days afterwards. All in all, I love this product – this is one that is a go-to.
Smell: Strawberries! Delicious. 
Appearance: White mask with plastic backing, soaked in serum. The serum is a clear, sticky fluid.
Texture: Smooth, slightly sticky fluid.
Value: $17.59 at Amazon
-Easy to apply
-Great price
-Reduces redness
-Adds shine to your face/a slight glow
-Effects last for a few days afterwards
OVERALL RATING: / 10 out of 10
This is such an awesome product. It’s one of the first masks I tried, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I personally think it has saved my skin, especially when I was going through an extremely rough breakout.
Would I Buy This Again?
I think you’re depriving yourself if you don’t at least give this a shot, because I seriously love it. This is a great product for reducing redness and pampering your skin on an off-day and it’s just so pleasant to use!
 I bought this with my own money at Amazon.


Where to Buy My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask?


I could find the lowest price ($17.59 for 1 item) on Amazon.


►►►►► Buy with Amazon ◄◄◄◄◄


I hope you try this as well! What did you think of it? Feel free to let me know!
I hope that you enjoyed this review!
On a side note.. I have two little pieces of news to share.
1) Got a new camera. Awwww yeah!
2) Found out my best friend reads my blog…
It’s so funny because I’m incredibly open with her in every aspect of my life.. but this. So telling her about my blog offhand and finding out she reads it makes me so nervous. I’m sweating a little thinking about it..
Agh. Just little thoughts floating around my head.
Let me know how everything is going for you all!
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Tea for Two ♥

Hi everyone!

It’s been a really long time since I’ve written a review, and I apologize for that. Know that  I’m working on a LOT of new reviews for you so stay tuned!

I thought I’d write about a little adventure I recently took with my best friend – it was to a little tea shoppe, called Infusion Tea. My best friend bought a Groupon for Infusion Tea, so it only came to be $21 for a little tea party for two. It. Was. Awesome.

Other than the cups of tea (PS: try the white raspberry truffle!) which I sadly didn’t take a picture of because.. well.. it’s tea.. they serve this three serving platter of food.

The top platter has two chocolate chip cookies – nothing really special, but still yummy all the same.

The middle platter has six sandwiches – cucumber, sundried tomato, and egg salad. It’s a small sandwich, and feels like you’re having a little tea party – nibbling on exquisite, delicate sandwiches. 

The last platter has two scones – one with cranberry and the other with pomegranates. I’m partial to the pomegranate scone, because it has such a light flavor. It comes with homemade strawberry jam and sweet cream. It also has this bread.. I’m not sure what exactly it is but it has the most AMAZING spread on it. Imagine a fruit cake, with a spread that is slightly sweet, slightly salty, and just a hint of rosemary tickling your tongue.

When you’re done with your platters, you get to pick out gelato of your choice – it changes daily, and is made in house. Infusion Tea also features vegan options, for those that are so inclined. I personally had hazelnut (so good!), and my best friend had raspberry cheesecake.

I think I’ve written enough to get you hungry, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Middle: Egg Salad Sandwich
Bottom – Cranberry Scone + fruitcake bread with herb spread

Too pretty to eat!

Pomegranate scone + fruit cake with herb spread


Raspberry Cheesecake Gelato

They also sell cute stuff like scarves, various bath accessories (bath bombs, cold pressed soaps, etc.), and local jewelry.

This place was a treasure to find, and I can’t wait to go again soon. 

I’ll be writing a review soon of a very popular product.. I just thought I’d give you a little update on what I’ve been doing lately. 

Hope you all are well!